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Access the Video API Consumer. You can instantiate a Video.Client to subscribe to Video events.


For the full list of events that a Video.Client can subscribe to, refer to Video Events.


The following example logs whenever a room session is started or when a user joins it. A RoomSession can be created through the Browser SDK, through the Create a Room REST API, or through the SignalWire Dashboard, utilizing a Personal Video Conference (PVC).

When a RoomSession is created, the onRoomStarted event is triggered. We can then subscribe to the RoomSession events, such as onMemberJoined and onMemberLeft, using the listen method.

import { SignalWire } from "@signalwire/realtime-api";

const client = await SignalWire({ project: "ProjectID Here", token: "API Token Here" });

const videoClient =;

await videoClient.listen({
onRoomStarted: async (roomSession) => {
console.log("Room started:", roomSession.displayName);
await roomSession.listen({
onMemberJoined: async (member) => {
console.log("Member joined:",;
onMemberLeft: async (member) => {
console.log("Member left:",;
onRoomEnded: async (roomSession) => {
console.log("Room ended:", roomSession.displayName);