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Welcome to the technical documentation for the JavaScript Browser SDK.


Install locally

npm install @signalwire/js

Or include it in your client using our CDN

<script src=""></script>

Get started

This SDK is meant to be used in the browser, and gives you access to four different namespaces:

  • Video gives you access to the classes and methods that let you interface with the backend Video APIs.
  • Chat gives you access to the classes and methods that you need to create a real-time chat application.
  • PubSub is the foundation layer of Chat. It gives you access to the most basic classes and functions to subscribe to channels, publish messages, and receive messages.
  • WebRTC contains several functions that are useful for interacting with the hardware of the user's device.

Don't know where to start? Create an instance of Video.RoomSession to join a room, use the Chat.Client constructor to start a chat application, or take a look at the Simple Video Demo or Simple Chat Demo walkthroughs.