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Video Overview

Product Options

The SignalWire Video API is a powerful video conferencing tool (or rather, a set of tools) built on an MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) that handles all of the muxing in the cloud. This ensures only a single stream is sent to each participant, resulting in low latency, high quality, and the same video stream for every single person.

Use classic HTTP calls to create and maintain tokens, rooms, sessions, and recordings.

Build a video solution using your own server using web socket technology.

Make audio/video calls to phone numbers, SIP endpoints, and other browsers.

Build advanced customized rooms with NO code, and easily embed into your existing applications.

What Kind of Guide are you Looking for?

Guides in Getting Started focus on installation, authentication, and the most basic examples of video rooms.

Guides walk through common use cases. They are divided by product.

Examples include full walkthroughs of more specific use cases with either a dedicated GitHub repo or extensive embedded code examples. These are divided by coding language.

Learn how to embed video rooms into your web pages and applications, with minimal coding experience.

Learn how to use our powerful SDKs to build a simple video application from scratch.

This advanced guide shows how to use our SDKs to build an advanced application with Zoom-like features.