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Zoiper Softphone

Zoiper is a popular desktop softphone app used to make/receive calls! Follow this guide to set up Zoiper with SignalWire.

Create a SIP Endpoint and Register It to a SignalWire Phone Number

The first step is to create a SIP Endpoint and connect it to a phone number. When creating this endpoint, keep the default Encryption and default Codecs/Ciphers.

Set Up Zoiper Desktop Version with SignalWire

You are now ready to connect with Zoiper! Open the Zoiper application and click on the Settings gear icon. Click on Accounts and then click Add.

Enter your full SIP domain such as If you don't remember the SIP domain created in the previous step, go back to your SIP Endpoint and copy the full address under Username.

You can skip the ‘Optional: Authentication and Outbound Proxy’ step, this is not needed. When asked for a Transport Method, choose either TLS or TCP. You should now see a green checkmark next to the SIP endpoint in your Zoiper window, indicating you're ready to make calls!

If you are having trouble getting your endpoint to authenticate, go to Advanced Settings and check to make sure your settings match the below photo!