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Bria SoftPhone

Bria Mobile is a popular softphone app that works very well with SignalWire! Here are the steps to get started with connecting to Bria Mobile.

Create a SIP Endpoint and Register It to a SignalWire Phone Number

The first step is to create a SIP Endpoint and connect it to a phone number. When creating this endpoint, keep the default Encryption and default Codecs/Ciphers.

Set up the SIP Endpoint with Bria Mobile

Now that you have a SIP endpoint and phone number registered to it, you can connect to Bria!
Launch the Bria mobile app, click Settings to enter the Accounts page, click + on the top-right corner, and click SIP to turn to the SIP account registration page.

Account Name vs Display Name

You can choose any Account Name and Display Name as these are only for the user's benefit to help distinguish between multiple accounts.

Enter the username, password, and domain chosen within your SIP Endpoint Settings in SignalWire. Make sure to copy these fields exactly - it will not be able to register if they do not match. This includes additional whitespace at the end.

Next, changes will need to be made to the Transport Settings. To use Bria with SignalWire SIP Endpoint, go into Account Advanced -> TLS Cert Management and disable Verify TLS Cert. If this feature is not disabled, the registration will not complete successfully.

Next, go back to the SIP Account Page and click Enabled at the top. The registration should now be completed, you are now ready to use Bria with SignalWire!