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Aastra Products

Later than 2.3.1, Aastra Phones (55i, 57i) are working very well behind NAT, tested with rport enabled, very reliable, and also connecting with proxy/registrar ports other than 5060. These have been tested with firmwares later than 2.3.1. The latest firmware 2.4.1 is the best with correct G.722 support, also supporting many other wideband Codecs.

If you are having trouble with registering or dialing from behind a NAT with an Aastra Phone, in the phone's web interface try enabling the rport option on the Advanced/Network page. Also, when trying to use a port other than 5060 behind a NAT, on the Advanced/Global SIP page you might try changing "Local SIP UDP/TCP Port" to whatever port you are registering on with your Line settings. This lets the FreeSWITCH server return SIP traffic on the same port your phone sent SIP traffic out on.

Enabling STUN support may also help on the newer firmwares.

Presence Support

A lot of users have complained about presence not working properly with Aastra phones. Currently, changing the transport from UDP to TCP seems to resolve these issues. This has been tested against firmware 2.6.0 all model Aastra phones.

Codec Support

Aastra phones support many broadband codecs all have been tested and working except BV32. BV32 does not work properly on all Aastra models. This appears to be an Aastra issue, and not related to FreeSWITCH.

Aastra TLS Setup

Just specify where the trusted certificate file (the one generated in Step 2 - Generate the Server Certificate) is located.

sips trusted certificates: ftp://admin:admin!@
sips persistent tls: 1

Aastra 6739i

Using firmware version, G.722, SRTP and TLS works

tftp server:
sip customized codec: payload=9;ptime=30;silsupp=on
sip srtp mode: 2
sips trusted certificates: cacert.pem
sip transport protocol: 4
sips persistent tls: 1

Aastra 55i

SRTP in Preferred mode doesn't work. G.722 is working correctly with latest firmware 2.4.1 TLS not tested.

Aastra 57i

TLS not working

Aastra 480i CT

No TLS in 1.4.3 firmware.

Aastra 9112i

Working fine on basic tests with firmware If you get the ptime warning you should, in theory, be able to fix it with 'ptime=20' in the Customized Codec Preference List settings, but mine seemed to go away of its own accord.

Aastra IP-DECT (RFP 32)

  • Registration: Deregister doesn't work cleanly. But there is a patch in Jira to get it working.
  • Caller Id: Works
  • Call in/out: Works
  • Call waiting: works
  • Transfer calls: works
  • Park calls: Works

Tested with RFP 32 and RFP 34(Outdoor) base stations. The good thing with these phones is, that you can add multiple base stations to a DECT cluster. Each base station then acts also as a DECT repeater, so no additional repeaters are necessary. Central provisioning is not working so far, but is announced by Aastra.

Aastra 6757i

  • Registration: works
  • Caller Id: works
  • Call in/out: works
  • Call waiting: works
  • Transfer calls: not tested
  • Park calls: not tested
  • MWI: not tested
  • SRTP: not tested
  • TLS: not tested