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Nokia N95


How to connect Nokia Devices to FreeSWITCH™

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Connecting Nokia Devices to FreeSWITCH

It is assumed you have a Wi-Fi access point called 'homeap' defined already and your FreeSWITCH box is at with the default config available.

  • Go to the main menu, "Tools", then "Settings" and scroll to "Connection". Scroll to "SIP settings".
  • Create a new SIP profile with the following settings;
    • Profile name: homefs
    • Service profile: IETF
    • Default access point: homeap
    • Public user name: sip:1000@
    • Use compression: No
    • Registration: Always on
    • Use security: No
  • In the proxy server sub menu;
    • Proxy server address:
    • Realm:
    • User name: 1000
    • Password: 1234
    • Allow loose routing: Yes
  • In the registrar server sub menu;
    • Registrar server address:
    • Realm:
    • User name: 1000
    • Password: 1234
    • Transport type: UDP
    • Port: 5060
  • Press back a couple of times to get back to the "SIP Settings" menu, after a couple of seconds you should see the status change to "Registered". Select the profile you just created and make it the default profile.
  • Go back to the "Connection" menu and scroll down to "Internet tel.". Create a new profile and make sure the SIP profile you just created (homefs) is selected for use with this profile.

That's it. You can adjust the default call routing on the phone in the "Settings", "Call" menu.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are not and the same LAN as FreeSWITCH you need to install an "advanced SIP settings" app from Nokia, and setup the stun server. Download it from: