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The FreeSWITCH Open Source Community welcomes your good ideas, code patches, donations of money and hardware, and documentation efforts; we will all benefit from these contributions.

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Contribute Code

There are various ways you can contribute whether you are a seasoned coder or you are brand new to all things computer geek.

Find out how to contribute to FreeSWITCH: Contributing Code

Contribute Documentation

There is more than one way to contribute to FreeSWITCH, helping on documentation is certainly one of them.

Join our Docs Team and find out more how to contribute to the documentation : Contributing Documentation


The primary Internet Relay Chat channel where FreeSWITCH is discussed is #freeswitch on but there are other IRC channels in use.

Much more information is available on the IRC page.


You can also chat with us using Slack.


There are several mailinglist available, find a complete list Here

ClueCon Weekly Conference call

There is a weekly conference calls to help the FreeSWITCH project: ClueCon Weekly Conference call

ClueCon Annual Convention

ClueCon is an annual telephony and voice over IP developers conference started in 2005 by the FreeSWITCH core developer team

Join us at ClueCon