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Contributing Code


So you've compiled and installed FreeSWITCH on your system and you think to yourself "Hey this is pretty cool" I wonder how I'd like to help these guys out and contribute to this project. Well we would love to have you. There are various ways you can contribute whether you are a seasoned coder or you are brand new to all things computer geek.

Help With Support

Sign on to #freeswitch on Even if you are not a guru if you have a working system then you may be able to provide valuable information to someone who is just starting. The same goes for the mailing list. Feel free to answer questions if you are able.

Contribute Code

Contributions of new features and patched code are always welcome.

Check our documentation on how to create Pull Requests.

Talk to our developers in #freeswitch-dev on

There are various housekeeping projects that we can always use help with.

Request git read/write access for code you're already written and would like to contribute.

Reporting Bugs

The best way to report an issue and to ensure a timely response is to use the issue tracker

  1. Determine if your bug is really a bug.

You should not file a bug if you are requesting support. For that you can use the Mailing list.

  1. Make sure your bug hasn’t already been reported.

Search through the appropriate Issue tracker. If a bug like yours was found, check if you have new information that could be reported to help the developers fix the bug.

  1. Collect information about the issue

To have the best chance of having a bug fixed, we need to be able to easily reproduce the conditions that caused it.

Test And Use

Testing for and trying to produce crashes is a great way to help out. Your use case or configuration might be the first to expose bugs or configuration problems.

Make Money Fast

If you can develop a feature or even a whole module that satisfies a bounty request, you could make some cold hard cash.

Other Ideas

This SmartBear article lists 14 ways that you can contribute to OSS projects without being a programming genius or a rock star. Check it out!

Where to Go for Help

If you have any questions or run into any roadblocks please reach out to us. You can send an email to our Development Mailing List. Note that while you're free to send a patch to that list for questions or for review, patches sent to the mailing list will not be considered for inclusion. Patches that you want included in FreeSWITCH must be submitted as Pull Requests.

You can also reach us on at #freeswitch-dev

Join the Thursday Bug Hunt Call at

Finally, feel free to join us in our Weekly Conference Call. Many of the core developers are often on the call and you'll have an opportunity at the beginning or end of the call to ask your questions.