Creating a SignalWire Space

The first step on your SignalWire journey is to create a space and your first project. Let's get started!

First of all, we will register for a new SignalWire account. Let’s go to the home page and click on Sign Up in the top right. Enter your email and we are off!

You will receive an email with a confirmation link, and by clicking it you will end up on the account setup page. The first field to fill in is the Space name. What is a Space, you will ask? It is your personal SignalWire domain to which all services are tied.

The rest are just the usual sign-up fields.

Please note: your account will be made in Trial Mode, which has some limitations put in place. Read about those limitations here, or top up your account manually with $5.00 in order to exit.

Once we are signed up, we will find ourselves on the Dashboard, the command center of your SignalWire account.

Your first step will be setting up a Project. They are used to group up resources according to your preference, such as by customer account, by geographical region, or any other classification. Name your project something that will help to distinguish it from the other projects you will make in the future, and you're all done!

Now you have a SignalWire space, and your first project. Congratulations!

SignalWire in Seconds

If you want to watch a live video demo on how to get started with SignalWire, feel free to watch this SignalWire in Seconds video. If you want to learn more concepts about SignalWire in just a few short minutes each, check out our YouTube Channel!

What’s Next

Now that you've created a space, check out some additional helpful resources below!

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