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mod_snapshot allows recording a sliding window of audio and taking snapshots to disk.

After loading mod_snapshot, the fs_cli command "uuid_snapshot" is available

freeswitch@default> uuid_snapshot
USAGE: <uuid> snap|start [<sec> read|write <base>]
read | write <base>

Used in the "start" command, allows you specify sub-directories of "/usr/local/freeswitch/sounds/"

Writes a WAV file out to /usr/local/freeswitch/sounds after the commands below. File format is "mod_snapshot_<date>_.wav". Entering cmd without defaults to 5 seconds.

    uuid_snapshot dc763550-a459-11e1-a5d4-13b40a2cd4b8 start <sec>

Writes the file.

    uuid_snapshot dc763550-a459-11e1-a5d4-13b40a2cd4b8 snap