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Dialplan tools provide the apps (commands) to process call sessions in XML dialplans.

Curated List

This list is manually created and maintained until all pages have been migrated from the old wiki.


  • answer - Answer the call for a channel.
  • att_xfer - Attended Transfer.


  • bgsystem - Execute an operating system command in the background.
  • bind_digit_action - Bind a key sequence or regex to an action.
  • bind_meta_app - Respond to certain DTMF sequences on specified call leg(s) during a bridge and execute another dialplan application.
  • block_dtmf - Block DTMFs from being sent or received on the channel.
  • break - Cancel an application currently running on the channel.
  • bridge - Bridge a new channel to the existing one.
  • bridge_export - Export a channel variable across any bridge.


  • callcenter - Inbound caller join a callcenter queue
  • capture - Capture data into a channel variable.
  • chat - Send a text message to an IM client
  • check_acl - Check originating address against an Access Control List
  • clear_digit_action - Clear all digit bindings
  • clear_speech_cache - Clear speech handle cache.
  • cluechoo - Console-only "ConCon" choo-choo train
  • cng_plc - Packet Loss Concealment on lost packets + comfort noise generation
  • conference - Establish an inbound or outbound conference call




  • fax_detect - Detect FAX CNG - may be deprecated.
  • fifo - Send caller to a FIFO queue.
  • fifo_track_call - Count a call as a FIFO call in the manual_calls queue.
  • flush_dtmf - Flush any queued DTMF.


  • gentones - Generate TGML tones.
  • group - Insert or delete members in a group.


  • hangup - Hang up the current channel.
  • hash - Add a hash to the db.
  • hold - Send a hold message.
  • httapi - Send call control to a Web server with the HTTAPI infrastructure


  • info - Display Call Info.
  • intercept - Lets you pickup a call and take it over if you know the uuid.
  • ivr - Run an IVR menu.[old wiki]


  • javascript - Run a JavaScript script from the dialplan
  • jitterbuffer - Send a jitter buffer message to a session


  • limit - Set a limit on number of calls to/from a resource
  • limit_execute - Set the limit on a specific application
  • limit_hash - Set a limit on number of calls to/from a resource
  • limit_hash_execute - Set the limit on a specific application
  • log - Logs a channel variable for the channel calling the application
  • loop_playback - Playback a file to the channel looply for limted times
  • lua) - Run a Lua script from the dialplan [API link)]


  • media_reset - Reset all bypass/proxy media flags.
  • mkdir - Create a directory.
  • multiset - Set multiple channel variables with a single action.
  • mutex - Block on a call flow, allowing only one at a time



  • queue_dtmf - Send DTMF digits after a successful bridge.


  • read - Read Digits.
  • record - Record a file from the channel's input.
  • record_fsv - Record a FSV file. FSV - (FS Video File Format) additional description needed
  • record_session - Record Session.
  • recovery_refresh - Send a recovery refresh. addition information needed
  • redirect - Send a redirect message to a session.
  • regex - Perform a regex.
  • remove_bugs - Remove media bugs.
  • rename - Rename file.
  • respond - Send a respond message to a session.
  • ring_ready - Indicate Ring_Ready on a channel.
  • rxfax - Receive a fax as a tif file.



  • three_way - Three way call with a UUID.
  • tone_detect - Detect the presence of a tone and execute a command if found.
  • transfer - Immediately transfer the calling channel to a new extension.[old wiki]
  • translate - Number translation.


  • unbind_meta_app - Unbind a key from an application.
  • unset - Unset a variable.
  • unhold - Send a un-hold message.
  • userspy - Provides persistent eavesdrop on all channels bridged to a certain user using eavesdrop.


  • verbose_events - Make ALL Events verbose (Make all variables appear in every single event for this channel).


  • wait_for_silence - Pause processing while waiting for silence on the channel.
  • wait_for_answer - Pause processing while waiting for the call to be answered.



This sections documents commands that are exported from mod_dptools as part of the public FreeSWITCH API. See mod_commands)'s "About" section for more.

  • chat - Send a text message to a IM client.
  • page - Play a recorded file to a list of channels, waiting until answered
  • presence - Send Presence.
  • strepoch - Returns the date/time as a UNIX epoch (seconds elapsed since midnight UTC, January 1, 1970).
  • strftime - Returns formatted date and time.
  • strftime_tz - Returns formatted date and time in the timezone specified.

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