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Silence Stream

Silence stream

Silence_stream is a file format that may be used anywhere that a file is expected. Silence_stream is implemented by mod_tone_stream.

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Duration is specified in milliseconds

  • If the duration is -1, endless silence is generated.
  • If the duration is > 0, duration ms of silence is generated.

Divisor is the divisor for the comfort noise generator.

  • If the divisor is > 0, comfort noise is generated
  • If the divisor is 0, complete silence is generated


Play 1000 ms of silence

<action application="playback" data="silence_stream://1000"/>

Play 2000 ms of comfort noise

<action application="playback" data="silence_stream://2000,1400"/>

Play endless comfort noise

<action application="playback" data="silence_stream://-1,1400"/>

Play endless silence

<action application="playback" data="silence_stream://-1"/>