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mod_dptools: check_acl


Block originating address unless it matches an ACL.Test the i.p. address that originates the call against an Access Control List or CIDR mask and terminate the call if the originating address does not match. If it matches, the call proceeds through the remainder of the dialplan.


check_acl <ip> <acl | cidr> [<hangup_cause>]

inline=yes, this application may be run inline from the XML dialplan.

hangup_cause defaults to call_rejected (see Hangup Causes)


<action application="check_acl" data="${network_addr} foo normal_clearing"/>

A call originating from an i.p. address that is not listed in the Access Control List named "foo" will be terminated with cause code "normal_clearing".

<action application="check_acl" data="${network_addr} normal_clearing" inline="true"/>

A call originating from i.p. address will match the CIDR specified and continue the pass through the dialplan.

A call originating from i.p. address will not match the CIDR specified and be terminated immediately because the inline flag is set to "true". There will be no further dialplan processing after this application is executed.