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mod_dptools: sleep


Pause the channel for a given number of milliseconds, consuming the audio for that period of time.
Calling sleep also will consume any outstanding RTP on the operating system's input queue, which can be very useful in situations where audio becomes backlogged.
To consume DTMFs, use the sleep_eat_digits variable.

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<action application="sleep" data=<milliseconds>/>



When set to true, the sleep application will consume DTMFs which will, for example, prevent a caller from exiting out of an IVR. The default behavior is not to eat DTMF digits.

This is a change in default behavior as the sleep application previously ate DTMFs without exception. Be sure to set '''sleep_eat_digits''' to ''true'' in order to preserve the previous behavior.

<action application="set" data="sleep_eat_digits=true"/>


<action application="sleep" data="5000"/>