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mod_dptools: send dtmf

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0. About

Send DTMF digits from the session using the method(s) configured on the endpoint in use. Use the character w for a .5 second delay and the character W for a 1 second delay.

1. Usage

send_dtmf <dtmf digits>[@<tone_duration>]

2. Example

<action application="send_dtmf" data="0123456789ABCD*#@100"/>

Transmit the digits '0123456789ABCD*#' each having a duration of 100ms. If no duration is specified the default DTMF length of 2000ms will be used.

3. Options

For SIP calls, the digits can be transmitted via inband, RFC2833, or INFO messages. See Sofia_Configuration_Files for configuration of DTMF transmission methods in mod_sofia.

TODO RFC 2833 is obsoleted by RFC 4733.