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mod_dptools: sched transfer

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0. About

Schedule a transfer in the future.

When a scheduled transfer is executed, the session variable last_sched_id is set to the task ID of the transfer.

TODO sched_cancel is the only place where last_sched_id isn't set. Shouldn't it be?

TODO last_sched_id is not documented in Channel Variables Catalog, so should it be? It isn't defined in switch_types.h , only set in mod_dptools.c , but as far as I understand, channel variables and session variables are the same.

1. Syntax

In the dialplan

<action application="sched_transfer" data="[+]<time> <extension>[ <dialplan> <context>]" />

As an API call

 sched_transfer [+]<time> <uuid> <extension>[ <dialplan> <context>]"
[+]<time>Time in seconds.If used with + then the call will be hung up after that number of seconds.If used without + then the given value is considered the number of seconds since the epoch, 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC+60 (hang up after 1 minute)2003336820 (hang up at Jun 25 2033 11:27 AM)
<uuid>The unique identifier (UUID) of the call leg. See Channel Variables.f2120667-3cd6-42bc-8be6-8cf4207cf6bc
<extension>See Dialplan.7519
<dialplan>XML (see XML Dialplan)

2. Example

<action application="sched_transfer" data="+600 9999 XML default"/>

3. See Also