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mod_dptools: hangup

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0. About

Hangs up a channel, with an optional cause code supplied.

1. Usage

<action application="hangup" data="USER_BUSY"/>

If you use hangup after a bridge, FreeSWITCH™ overrides the cause with the cause received from the bridge application. You can avoid this using sip_ignore_remote_cause=true

2. Troubleshooting

These tips have been shared by Bao Nguyen

2.1 A leg wouldn't disconnect after calling hangup

Did you see the BYE sent by FreeSWITCH™ towards the caller, and its 200 OK response? If yes, then it's the problem with your ITSP or the caller cell provider.

hangup_after_bridge variable is also worth checking when FreeSWITCH™ didn't hang up the A leg when B is terminated.

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