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mod_dptools: play_and_get_digits


Play a prompt and get digits. The prompt file can be interrupted by dialed digits.


<min> <max> <tries> <timeout> <terminators> <file> <invalid_file> [<var_name> [<regexp> [<digit_timeout> [<transfer_on_failure>]]]]


  • min = Minimum number of digits to fetch (minimum value of 0)

  • max = Maximum number of digits to fetch (maximum value of 128)

  • tries = number of tries for the sound to play

  • timeout = Number of milliseconds to wait for a dialed response after the file playback ends and before PAGD does a retry.

  • terminators = digits used to end input if less than <max> digits have been pressed. If it starts with '=', then a terminator must be present for the input to be accepted (Since FS 1.2). (Typically '#', can be empty). Add '+' in front of terminating digit to always append it to the result variable specified in var_name.

  • file = Sound file to play to prompt for digits to be dialed by the caller; playback can be interrupted by the first dialed digit (can be empty or the special string "silence" to omit the message).

  • invalid_file = Sound file to play when digits don't match the regexp (can be empty to omit the message).

  • var_name = Channel variable into which valid digits should be placed (optional, no variable is set by default. See also 'var_name_invalid' below).

  • regexp = Regular expression to match digits (optional, an empty string allows all input (default)).

  • digit_timeout = Inter-digit timeout; number of milliseconds allowed between digits in lieu of dialing a terminator digit; once this number is reached, PAGD assumes that the caller has no more digits to dial (optional, defaults to the value of <timeout>).

  • transfer_on_failure = where to transfer call when max tries has been reached, example: "1 XML hangup" (optional, by default no transfer is executed, allowing the caller to process channel variables).

Exit Values

On exit, there may be some useful values in channel variables


The digit used to terminate entry (if a digit was used). Note that if termination was due to a timeout or hangup, then this channel variable is not touched (so may be left as nil or whatever it was on entry)


(Since FreeSWITCH v1.6.0)

When the dialed digits do not satisfy the regexp pattern to form a valid response, the string that was actually dialed is returned in the var_name with the string "_invalid" appended to the var_name. For example:

If ${dialed_digits} is the name of the variable that contains the valid string of digits that match the regular expression. Then

${dialed_digits_invalid} will contain the digits that were dialed when they failed to match the regexp pattern specified to this command, to allow at least some further helpful processing.


<extension name="play_and_get_digits example">
<condition field="destination_number" expression="^(1888)$">
<action application="play_and_get_digits" data="2 5 3 7000 # $${base_dir}/sounds/en/us/callie/conference/8000/conf-pin.wav /invalid.wav foobar \d+"/>
<action application="log" data="CRIT ${foobar}"/>

The following example demonstrates using mod_dptools: say (or mod_dptools: phrase) to get one digit after 3s, 250ms of silence on fail (no digit entered). Quote the text string!

<extension name="play_and_get_digits with say">
<condition field="destination_number" expression="^(6500)$">
<action application="play_and_get_digits" data="1 1 1 3000 # say:'press one for technicial support' silence_stream://250 res \d+" />

Note that the parameters are slightly different in the lua version (and you can't use "say"!)

destnum = session:playAndGetDigits(3, 20, 3, 5000, "#*", "phrase:getnum", "phrase:error", "\\d+")
terminator = session:getVariable("read_terminator_used")

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Invalid responses are recorded to (var_name)_invalid as of commitfb173c9af7e. Posted by bjordan at Jan 10, 2016 00:26
Added. Please check if I got it correct.Thanks. Posted by boteman at Jan 13, 2016 16:49
Yup that looks good thanks! Posted by bjordan at Feb 01, 2016 19:54
session:playAndGetDigits(1, 1, 3, 3000, "#", "speak:'" .. tts .. "'", "", "12*") How can I use speak in playAndGetDigits in lua script ? Posted by livem at Jan 05, 2017 02:07
I do not think that you can use speak there. That app plays sound files, but 'speak' is another application to run. Maybe ask on the mailing list or HipChat? Posted by boteman at Jan 07, 2017 00:16
Thank you. Posted by livem at Jan 10, 2017 02:23