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mod_dptools: digit_action_set_realm

0. About

Used with to mod_dptools: bind_digit_action to set the realm, for which bound digits will be applied against.

See there for in-depth description, and examples.

1. Usage

<action application="digit_action_set_realm" data="my_realm[,target]"/>
targetThe leg upon which to set the realm. Possible values:selfpeer


2016-01-26 13:26:02.130873 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:2866 Execute digit_action_set_realm()EXECUTE sofia/internal/000*102@domain:5060 digit_action_set_realm()2016-01-26 13:26:02.130873 [WARNING] mod_dptools.c:329 Syntax Error, USAGE <realm>[,<target>]---WHAT is target? Posted by denis at Jan 26, 2016 05:31
target looks to be one of the targets as declared in bind_digit_action Posted by thehunmonkgroup at Apr 05, 2021 15:02