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mod_dptools: park

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0. About

Places a channel "on hold" in the switch, instead of in the phone.

Parking a call does NOT supply music on hold or any other media.

Park is quite literally a way to put a call in limbo until you

Allows for a number of different options, including:

  • Set caller in a place where the channel won't be hung up on while waiting for someone to talk to.
  • Generic "hold" mechanism until you can connect it to the right person.

Please note that to retrieve a call that has been "parked", you'll have to bridge to them or transfer the call to a valid location.

TODO Couldn't find any instructions how to do that, so probably via the channel's UUID?

1. Usage

1.1 From the Dialplan

<action application="park"/>

Note that the park application takes no arguments, so the data attribute can be omitted in the definition.

2. See Also