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mod_dptools: presence


Sends an event of either type PRESENCE_IN or PRESENCE_OUT. Currently, this function is not very useful in conjunction with sofia. This does not affect the presence of hook state for use with BLF either, but sending an event that expresses the user's hook state does.


presence <user> <rpid> <message> 

This application may be run inline from the XML dialplan.


 presence in||dnd|'Do not disturb.'
 presence out||unavailable|'Currently out for a pot of hot coffee.'


It can also be used as an API command

 presence,[in|out] <user> <rpid> <message>
presence in 1000@ unknown dnd

You can get the following event

   Event-Name: PRESENCE_IN
Core-UUID: 3a66caec-e488-4aed-8bc6-634bcc7cc4fe
FreeSWITCH-Hostname: seven.local
FreeSWITCH-Switchname: seven.local
FreeSWITCH-IPv6: ::1
Event-Date-Local: 2011-11-17 13:18:35
Event-Date-GMT: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 05:18:35 GMT
Event-Date-Timestamp: 1321507115845012
Event-Calling-File: mod_dptools.c
Event-Calling-Function: presence_api_function
Event-Calling-Line-Number: 1550
proto: dp
login: /Users/seven/workspace/freeswitch/fs-0905/src/mod/applications/mod_dptools/mod_dptools.c
from: 1000@
rpid: unknown
status: dnd
event_type: presence
alt_event_type: dialog
event_count: 0