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This document covers information about the Nokia N95 Settings.

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A number of Wi-Fi equipped Nokia handsets have inbuilt SIP client software, the following example describes typical settings configuring this software to connect to FreeSWITCH. The example is for an N95 but should also be suitable for other Series 60 handsets.

Assume FreeSWITCH is default configuration and running on and that we are registering our N95 internally as extension 1000

First make sure you have a functioning Wi-Fi connection configured on your handset that gives you access to your FreeSWITCH box and note the name you have given to the Access Point, in this case MyAP

Then in Tools/Settings/Connection/Internet tel. select Options/New Profile Edit the name from Default to FreeSWITCH (can be anything you like but the following assumes FreeSWITCH)

Go back to Tools/Settings/Connection/SIP Settings and select Options/New SIP Profile/Use Default Profile

And edit the settings as follows.

Profile name: FreeSWITCH
Service profile: IETF
Default access point: MyAP
Public user name: sip:1000@
Use compression: No
Registration: When needed
Use Security: No

Then in the Proxy server sub menu edit the settings as follows.

Proxy server address: sip:
User name: 1000
Password: 1234
Allow loose routing: Yes
Transport type: UDP
Port: 5060

Then back up to the previous screen and into the Registrar server sub menu and edit the settings as follows.

Registrar server address: sip:
User name: 1000
Password: 1234
Transport type: UDP
Port: 5060

Then navigate back up to the main menu and turn the phone off and on again (there seems to be a bug that sometimes prevents the settings working after editing until you have restarted the handset, although this may be specific to the software version on our phones)

Once the phone has restarted find the Internet tel. icon (it seems to be on different screens on different versions of the handset software)

When you click on this you should see a screen saying Freeswitch and Not Connected with the MyApp access point listed below.

Highligh MyApp and select Options/Connect to service

After a few seconds the Not Connected at the top of the screen should change to Connected and a couple of new icons should appear at the top right of the screen

Check that the handset is registered on freeswitch

Now try calling another extension by dialing 1001@ (you need to switch alpha mode on) or try routing a call to extension 1000.

That should be it!

One further thing that improves the call quality and the operating range from your AP is to change the default Wi-Fi Settings, go to Tools/Settings/Connection/Wireless LAN and select Options/Advanced Settings then ignore the warning and continue, you should now adjust the TX Power level to the highest available and disable the Power Saving and Automatic configuration.

Caution - The N95 eats batteries when using VoIP over Wi-Fi, keep a charger handy at all times.