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Mobile and Wifi

Mobile Phones

Nokia N95, N82, E51, E52, E71, E72, E60 and others

  • Registration: works
  • Caller Id: works
  • Call in/out: works
  • Call waiting: works
  • Transfer calls: works
  • Park calls: unknown

All newer Nokia phones support STUN. This is configurable through XML provisioning files or the SIP VoIP Settings tool which can be downloaded here. This tool can also be used to modify the codec list and tweak codec specific parameters.

Nokia TLS Setup / Symbian S60 TLS Setup

  • First import a root certificate (in DER format!) into the device. You can use the following command to convert a certificate that has been created using gentls_cert script:
openssl x509 -in /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/ssl/CA/cacert.pem -out /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/ssl/CA/cacert.cer -outform DER
  • Copy the new cacert.cer to the device, and open it (e.g. in file manager). This will prompt you the save it as a trusted certificate. Do this and select all trust levels during installation.
  • Setup your SIP Profile using "sips:" instead of "sip:" in Public Username, Proxy Server Address and Register Server Address, and set the appropriate port for your FreeSWITCH installation.

ATTENTION: Set the "Transport type" to "AUTO" or it will not work!

This configuration is only for SIP TLS. SRTP has not yet been tested.

SIP/TLS has been tested on:

  • Nokia N95 (RM-159) with firmware v30.0.015 from 15-Jul-2008 (Nokia N95 01.01)
  • Nokia N95 8GB (RM-320) with firmware v31.0.0.15 from 07-Nov-2008 (Nokia N95 01.01)
  • Nokia E52 (RM-469) with firmware v52.003.C00.01 from 29-Oct-2010 (Nokia E52-1)
Nokia Issues
  • sip works only if your sip server has port 5060, no other ports

Wi-Fi Only Phones

These are wifi only phones, as opposed to locked cell phones that can use wifi also.

Loctec WP04

This phone has a limited number of codecs and no extra buttons for hold, park, etc. It does, however, have a good battery life and is a good fit where you need a cordless station with minimal features.

The phone does not negotiate codecs well, so you will want to limit the codec in the global_codec_prefs in vars.xml to be as follows: