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Start background call tap. Media is streamed over Websocket or RTP to customer controlled URI.


uristringRequired destination of the tap media stream. rtp://IP:port, ws://, or wss://
control_idstringOptional identifier for this tap to use with stop_tap. Default is generated and stored in tap_control_id variable.
directionstringDirection of the audio to tap: speak for what party says, listen for what party hears, both for what party hears and says. Optional. Default is both.
codecstringPCMU or PCMA. Optional. Default PCMU.
rtp_ptimeintegerIf using a rtp:// URI, this optional parameter can set the packetization time of the media in milliseconds. Optional. Default 20 ms.


Set by the method:

  • tap_uri: (out) The destination URI of the newly started tap.
  • tap_result: (out) success | failed.
  • tap_control_id: (out) Control ID of this tap.
  • tap_rtp_src_addr: (out) If RTP, source address of the tap stream.
  • tap_rtp_src_port: (out) If RTP, source port of the tap stream.
  • tap_ptime: (out) Packetization time of the tap stream.
  • tap_codec: (out) Codec in the tap stream.
  • tap_rate: (out) Sample rate in the tap stream.


Start WSS tap

version: 1.0.0
- tap:
uri: wss://