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Record call in the background.


control_idstringOptional identifier for this recording, to use with stop_call_record. Default is generated and saved to record_control_id variable.
stereobooleanWhether to record in stereo mode. Optional. Default false.
formatstringOptional format ("wav" or "mp3"). Default "wav".
directionstringOptional direction of the audio to record: "speak" for what party says, "listen" for what party hears, "both" for what the party hears and says. Default "both".
terminatorsstringOptional string of digits that will stop the recording when pressed. Default is unset.
beepbooleanWhether to play a beep before recording. Optional. Default false.
input_sensitivitynumberHow sensitive the recording voice activity detector is to background noise. A larger value is more sensitive. Allowed values from 0.0 to 100.0. Optional. Default 44.0.
initial_timeoutnumberHow long, in seconds, to wait for speech to start. Optional. Default 0.
end_silence_timeoutnumberHow much silence, in seconds, will end the recording. Optional. Default 0.


Set by the method:

  • record_call_url: (out) the URL of the newly started recording.
  • record_call_result: (out) success | failed.
  • record_control_id: (out) control ID of this recording.


Start an MP3 recording of the call

version: 1.0.0
- record_call:
format: mp3