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Record the call audio in the foreground pausing further SWML execution until recording ends. Use this, for example, to record voicemails. To record calls in the background in a non-blocking fashion, use the record_call


stereoOptionalbooleanfalseWhether to record in stereo mode
formatOptionalstringwavFormat ("wav" or "mp3")
directionOptionalstringspeakDirection of the audio to record: "speak" for what party says, "listen" for what party hears
terminatorsOptionalstring#String of digits that will stop the recording when pressed
beepOptionalbooleanfalseWhether to play a beep before recording
input_sensitivityOptionalnumber44.0How sensitive the recording voice activity detector is to background noise. A larger value is more sensitive. Allowed values from 0.0 to 100.0.
initial_timeoutOptionalnumber4.0 secondsHow long, in seconds, to wait for speech to start?
end_silence_timeoutOptionalnumber5.0 secondsHow much silence, in seconds, will end the recording?


Set by the method:

  • record_url: (out) the URL of the newly created recording.
  • record_result: (out) success | failed.


Record some audio and play it back

version: 1.0.0
- play: say:Start speaking after the beep. Press hash to end recording.
- record:
end_silence_timeout: 3
beep: true
- play: "say:Recording %{record_result}. Playing back recording:"
- play: "%{record_url}"