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Play a prompt and wait for digit or speech input. Speech detection is not enabled unless at least one speech parameter is set. If only speech parameters are set (and no digit parameters), digit detection is not enabled. To enable both digit and speech detection, set at least one parameter for each.


playstring | string[]URL or array of URLs to play. Allowed URLs are:
  • http:// - audio file to GET
  • https:// - audio file to GET
  • ring:[duration:]<country code> - ring tone to play. For example: ring:us to play single ring or ring:20.0:us to play ring for 20 seconds.
  • say:<text to speak> - Sentence to say
  • silence:<duration> - seconds of silence to play
volumenumberOptional volume gain to apply to played URLs. Allowed values from -40.0 to 40.0. Default 0.
say_voicestringOptional voice to use with say: for text to speech. Default is Default is Polly.Salli.
say_languagestringOptional language to use with say: for text to speech. Default is en-US.
say_genderstringOptional gender to use with say: for text to speech. Default is female.
max_digitsintegerOptional number of digits to collect. Default 1.
terminatorsstringOptional digits that terminate digit collection. Default unset.
digit_timeoutnumberOptional time in seconds to wait for next digit. Default 5.0.
initial_timeoutnumberOptional time in seconds to wait for start of input. Default 5.0.
speech_timeoutnumberOptional max time in seconds to wait for speech result. Default unset.
speech_end_timeoutnumberOptional time in seconds to wait for end of speech utterance. Default unset.
speech_languagestringOptional language to detect speech in.
speech_hintsstring[]Optional expected words to match.
resultobject | arraySet up a switch on return_value by using an object or a cond statement by using an array.


Read by the method:

  • say_voice: (in) - optional voice to use for text to speech.
  • say_language: (in) - optional language to use for text to speech.
  • say_gender: (in) - optional gender to use for text to speech.
say_voiceThe available Amazon Polly voices are here
The available Google Cloud voices are here
The available Elevenlabs are:
  • rachel
  • rachel-ml
  • clyde
  • clyde-ml
  • domi
  • domi-ml
  • dave
  • dave-ml
  • fin
  • fin-ml
  • bella
  • bella-ml
  • antoni
  • antoni-ml
  • thomas
  • thomas-ml
  • charlie
  • charlie-ml
  • emily
  • emily-ml
  • elli
  • elli-ml
  • callum
  • callum-ml
  • patrick
  • patrick-ml
  • harry
  • harry-ml
  • liam
  • liam-ml
  • dorothy
  • dorothy-ml
  • josh
  • josh-ml
  • arnold
  • arnold-ml
  • charlotte
  • charlotte-ml
  • matilda
  • matilda-ml
  • matthew
  • matthew-ml
  • james
  • james-ml
  • joseph
  • joseph-ml
  • jeremy
  • jeremy-ml
  • michael
  • michael-ml
  • ethan
  • ethan-ml
  • gigi
  • gigi-ml
  • freya
  • freya-ml
  • grace
  • grace-ml
  • daniel
  • daniel-ml
  • serena
  • serena-ml
  • adam
  • adam-ml
  • nicole
  • nicole-ml
  • jessie
  • jessie-ml
  • ryan
  • ryan-ml
  • sam
  • sam-ml
  • glinda
  • glinda-ml
  • giovanni
  • giovanni-ml
  • mimi
  • mimi-ml
say_language default: enarb [Arabic, Modern Standard]
ar-AR [Arabic, Modern Standard]
ar-XA [Arabic] gcloud
bn-IN [Bengali, India] gcloud
yue-HK [Chinese, Hong Kong] gcloud
cmn-CN [Chinese, Mandarin] gcloud
cmn-TW [Chinese, Mandarin] gcloud
zh-CN [Chinese, Mandarin]
cs-CZ [Czech, Czech Republic] gcloud
cy-GB [Welsh, UK]
da-DK [Danish, Denmark]
de [German, Germany]
de-DE [German, Germany]
en [English, United States]
en-AU [English, Australia]
en-CA [English, Canada]
en-GB [English, UK]
en-GB-WLS [English, Wales]
en-IN [English, India]
en-US [English, United States]
es [Spanish, United States]
es-ES [Spanish, Spain]
es-MX [Spanish, Mexico]
es-US [Spanish, United States]
fil-PH [Filipino, Philippines] gcloud
fi-FI [Finnish, Finland] gcloud
fr [French, France]
fr-CA [French, Canada]
fr-FR [French, France]
el-GR [Greek, Greece] gcloud
gu-IN [Gujarati, India] gcloud
hi-IN [Hindi, India]
hu-HU [Hungarian, Hungary] gcloud
is-IS [Icelandic, Iceland]
id-ID [Indonesian, Indonesia] gcloud
it [Italian, Italy]
it-IT [Italian, Italy]
ja-JP [Japanese, Japan]
kn-IN [Kannada, India] gcloud
ko-KR [Korean, Korea]
ml-IN [Malayalam, India] gcloud
morse [Morse Code, Dit Dah]
nb-NO [Norwegian, Norway]
nl-NL [Dutch, Netherlands]
pl-PL [Polish, Poland]
pt-BR [Portuguese, Brazil]
pt-PT [Portuguese, Portugal]
ro-RO [Romanian, Romania]
ru-RU [Russian, Russia]
sk-SK [Slovak, Slovakia] gcloud
sv-SE [Swedish, Sweden]
ta-IN [Tamil, India] gcloud
te-IN [Telugu, India] gcloud
th-TH [Thai, Thailand] gcloud
tr-TR [Turkish, Turkey]
uk-UA [Ukrainian, Ukraine] gcloud
vi-VN [Vietnamese, Vietnam] gcloud
urls.ringAvailable values are the following
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes: at, au, bg, br,
be, ch, cl, cn, cz, de, dk, ee, es, fi, fr, gr, hu, il, in,
it, lt, jp, mx, my, nl, no, nz, ph, pl, pt, ru, se, sg, th,
uk, us, us-old, tw, ve, za.

Set by the method:

  • prompt_result: (out) - failed, no_input, match_speech, match_digits, or no_match.
  • prompt_value: (out) - the digits or utterance collected.
  • return_value: (out) - the same as prompt_value.
  • prompt_digit_terminator: (out) - digit terminator collected, if any.
  • prompt_speech_confidence: (out) - speech confidence measured, if any.


Play prompt and wait for digit press

version: 1.0.0
- label: welcome
- transfer:
- play:
- goto: welcome

Play prompt and wait for digit or speech

version: 1.0.0
- label: welcome
speech_language: en
max_digits: 1
- one
- two
- three
- four
- five
- six
- seven
- eight
- nine
variable: prompt_value
- transfer:
- transfer:
- play:
- goto:
label: welcome
max: 3

Play prompt and collect digits, then pass the data to an external action

version: 1.0.0
- prompt:
- transfer: