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Create an AI agent with a prompt. Since the text prompt is central to getting great results out of the AI, it is highly recommended that you also read the Prompting Best Practices guide.


The only required parameter is prompt. But the others are quite powerful, so we recommend trying them out!

global_meta_dataobjectA powerful and flexible environmental variable which can accept arbitrary data that is set initially in the SWML script or from the SWML set_global_data action. This data can be referenced globally. All contained information can be accessed and expanded within the prompt - for example, by using a template string.
hintsstringAn array of hints (as strings) to provide context to the dialogue.
languagesobjectAn array of JSON objects defining supported languages in the conversation.
paramsobjectA JSON object containing parameters as key-value pairs.
post_prompt_auth_passwordstringAuth password for post_url endpoint.
post_prompt_auth_userstringAuth username for post_url endpoint.
post_promptobjectThe final set of instructions and configuration settings to send to the agent.
post_prompt_urlstringThe URL to which to send status callbacks and reports.
pronounceobjectAn array of JSON objects to clarify the AI's pronunciation of words or expressions.
promptobjectEstablishes the initial set of instructions and settings to configure the agent.
This is a required parameter.
SWAIGobjectAn array of JSON objects to create user-defined functions/endpoints that can be executed during the dialogue.