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Request a MFA token via text message



Request a MFA token via text message.


The API token must include one of the following scopes: Voice or Messaging or Fax.




    to stringrequired

    The E164 number to use as the destination.

    from string

    The E164 number from your account to use as the origin of the message. SignalWire will use a special verified number if not specified. If using a different caller ID, make sure it is a number you have purchased or have verified on your SignalWire account and ensure it is registered on the Campaign Registry for the best deliverability.

    message string

    Specify a custom message to send before the token. The message must fit within one segment; either 160 characters or 70 characters when using non-GSM symbols. When using a custom message, you must use your own purchased or verified number as the from. Defaults to "Your Personal Authorization Code is:"

    token_length number

    The number of characters in the token, from 4 to 20. Defaults to 6.

    max_attempts number

    The number of allowed verification attempts, including the first one, from 1 to 20. Defaults to 3.

    allow_alphas boolean

    Set to true or false, whether to include letters or just numbers in the token. Defaults to false (numbers only).

    valid_for number

    The number of seconds the token is considered valid for. Defaults to 3600, with a maximum of 604800.




    id uuid

    The MFA request ID. Save this for verification.

    success boolean

    Whether the request was successfully queued.

    to string

    The destination of the MFA request.

    channel string

    Can be sms for a text message or call for a phone call.