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Create a new Verified Caller ID

To send a verification call to a number, you send a POST request to the Verified Caller ID resource.


The API token must include the following scopes: Voice.

Request Body REQUIRED
name string

String representing the name portion of the caller ID. If not provided, the default will be the formatted number that has been provided.

extension string

String representing the extension of the phone number for the caller ID. This is only used when placing the verification call.

number string REQUIRED

String representing the phone number for the caller ID. This must be a valid, routeable phone number in E.164 format that is able to receive a voice phone call for verification.



type string OPTIONAL

The type of the returned object, this should be verified_caller_id.

id uuid OPTIONAL

The unique identifier of the Verified Caller ID on SignalWire.

verified boolean OPTIONAL

A boolean representing whether the number has been verified or not.

verified_at string OPTIONAL

Nullable DateTime fields representing the date and time that the number was verified. If the number has not been verified, it will be null.

status string OPTIONAL

String representing the verification status for the caller ID. Current values are "Verified" and "Awaiting Verification"