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Campaign Registry - Pricing

New T-Mobile Inactive Campaign Fee ($250) - Starting February 1

T-Mobile requires deactivation of all 10 DLC Campaigns that do not support active message traffic during a rolling 60-day period. Active Campaigns must have at least one long code associated with it and send at least one message to a T-Mobile handset during that 60-day period.

As of December 1st, 2022, T-Mobile may unilaterally deactivate unused 10 DLC campaigns without any associated long codes. If you are planning to use the Campaign in the future, you must re-provision it. It is the responsibility of the customer to identify and de-provision the Campaign and associated long code(s), once they are no longer in use.

T-Mobile is implementing a recurring pass-through fee of $250 for any inactive Campaign, as defined above. Enforcement and invoicing of this monthly pass-through fee is planned to begin February 1st, 2023. Each Campaign without at least one associated 10DLC and no active message traffic will be eligible for the fee, and will be charged for each inactive 60-day period thereafter.

If you do not plan on using a Campaign anymore, please be sure to request deactivation and provide SignalWire with a deactivation notice or request deactivation of SignalWire managed Campaigns via a Support ticket.

Brand and Campaign Fees

Brand Registration Fee$4One time for each brand
STANDARD USE CASES: 2FA, Account Notifications, Customer Care, Delivery Notifications, Fraud Alert Messaging, Higher Education, Marketing, Mixed, Polling and voting, Public Service Announcement, Security Alert, Carrier Exemptions$10Monthly for each Campaign
MIXED SPECIAL USE CASES: Proxy Messaging, Sweepstakes, Social, Political, K-12$10Monthly for each Campaign
Low Volume Mixed$1.50Monthly for each Campaign
Charity$3Monthly for each Campaign
Large CSP Trial$0Monthly for each Campaign
Emergency$5Monthly for each Campaign
Agents and Franchises$30Monthly for each Campaign
DCA Vetting Fee$7.5One time vetting fee from our DCA for each new Campaign. If Campaign vetting fails and resubmission is necessary, an additional $7.5 is charged per each resubmission.
Inactivity Fee$250Passthrough fee from T-Mobile for any Campaign left inactive for a period of 60 consecutive days. Fee is applied to each Campaign each time it hits 60 days of inactivity. See Additional T-Mobile Fees for more details.
Post-Registration Processes

Campaigns requiring 50 or more numbers:

  • Special pre-approval needed via a Number Pooling Application
  • $100 processing fee
  • $2000 configuration fee upon approval

Brands requiring daily messaging volumes above 200K:

  • Special pre-approval needed via a Special Business Review Application
  • One time $500 DCA fee upon application submission
  • Additional charges for Special Business Review are TBD

To learn more about either of these options, please contact Support from your Dashboard.

Monthly vs New Campaign Charges

The Campaign Registry charges for the first three months of your Campaign up front, and we have adjusted our initial Campaign charge to reflect TCR's charge. However, the 3-month commitment does not apply to political use Campaigns. These Campaigns will be charged for only 1 month on the first statement.

Example: Instead of being charged $10 for registering a new Campaign for Standard Use Cases, we will charge $30 for the first three months, and then start charging $10 per month starting on the 4th month.

The total charge for creating a new Standard Use Case Campaign would be $37.5, which includes the $7.5 DCA vetting fee plus the Campaign charge for the first three months.

Carrier Passthrough Fees

The table below displays passthrough fees from each mobile carrier, per message segment.

Mobile CarrierInbound SMSOutbound SMSInbound MMSOutbound MMS
US Cellular-$0.0050-$0.0100
Claro Puerto Rico-$0.0065-$0.0150

For a complete list of carrier passthrough fees, visit our Messaging product page.

Additional T-Mobile Fees

An Inactive Campaign Fee of $250 for each 60-day period of inactivity will apply to each Campaign that does not fulfill two activity requirements:

  • At least one long code must be associated with the Campaign.
  • At least one message must be sent to a T-Mobile headset during that 60-day period.

If you do not plan on using a Campaign anymore, please be sure to request deactivation from TCR and provide SignalWire with a deactivation notice or request deactivation for a SignalWire managed campaign by contacting Support from your Dashboard.

T-Mobile enforces additional fees for violation of messaging practices that are illustrated in the SMS/MMS Best Practices.

  • Text Enablement: A $10,000 fee if T-Mobile receives a complaint from an end-user regarding a NANP (North American Number Plan) number sends messaging prior to registering the number with TCR.
  • 10DLC Messaging Program Evasion: A $1,000 fee if a program is found to be snowshoeing: dynamic routing, or replacing a blocked number with a new number before registering that number to the same campaign.
  • Content Violation: A $10,000 fee for each instance of the third and every following violation of the best messaging practices.

In addition to these, T-Mobile currently has a Grey Route fee that is in effect, which includes a $10 fee per message should an A2P message be sent via a P2P route.