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Buying a Phone Number

On the lefthand sidebar of of your space, click the tab labeled Phone Numbers. This will take you to the phone numbers section of your portal where you can see your purchased numbers, verified numbers, short codes, number groups, E911 numbers, and also submit porting requests!

To purchase a new number, click the blue New button in the upper right hand corner. This will navigate you to our phone numbers purchasing page! There are three different types of numbers that you can purchase - local long codes (214, 682, 817, etc) , toll free numbers (800 numbers), and short codes (5 or 6 digit numbers).

Shortcodes require an application process, so you can click that section if you'd like to get started with our Sales team. However, you can purchase a local or toll free number easily in seconds! Select the type of number you'd like to purchase, and we can now move on to other distinguishing search factors.

If you're okay with any number, you can simply select Buy on the first one that catches your eye. However in most cases, there are specific area codes or regions that you are looking for! You can narrow down your search by including area code, region, or region & city. You can also tell the search to return all numbers that contain, start with, or end with a certain sequence of numbers or even a word. Once you find the number you want, simply select Buy and go back to your Phone Numbers tab in order to see your newly purchased number!