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Khomp/Error Codes

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Channel state

Reflect the state of the channel on the board. In the case of E1 links, the state may have one or more of the following:

  • Free: the channel is free;
  • Busy: the channel is not free (or occupied, or failure);
  • Outgoing: the channel has an output connection;
  • Incoming: the channel has an input connection;
  • Locked: the channel is blocked;
  • Outgoing Lock: The channel is blocked for outgoing calls;
  • Local Fail: The channel has a fault (at this point);
  • Incoming Lock: the channel is blocked for incoming calls;
  • Remote Lock: there is a remote lock (at the other end) in this channel.

In the case of a FXS channel, the state is defined by one of these values:

  • On Hook: the phone connected to this channel is on-hook or disconnected;
  • Off Hook: the phone connected to this channel is off the hook;
  • Ringing: the channel is being called;
  • Failure: the channel is in failure due to communication problems between the central and the plate.

In the case of a GSM channel, the state is defined by one of the following values:

  • Idle: the channel is free and available for calls;
  • Call In Progress: the channel is busy on a call;
  • SMS In Progress: the channel is busy sending / receiving SMS messages;
  • Modem Error: an error occurred communicating with the modem channel;
  • SIM Card Error: The SIM card is not present or is not inserted / detected correctly;
  • Network Error: an error occurred while communicating with the network;
  • Not Ready: The modem is initializing the channel.

And in the case of an FXO channel, the states are as follows:

  • Disabled: the channel is disabled;
  • Enabled: the channel is enabled.

Call state

Defines the logical state for each channel, which can be:

  • Free: the channel is free;
  • Incoming: the channel is receiving a call;
  • Outgoing: the channel is making a call;
  • Failure: the channel is in fault.

FreeSWITCH call states

Directly reflects the call state controlled by FreeSWITCH, which can be:

  • new: Channel is newly created;
  • init: Channel has been initialized;
  • routing: Channel is looking for an extension to execute;
  • execute: Channel is executing its dialplan;
  • ex_media: Channel is exchanging media with another channel;
  • cs_media: Channel is consuming all media;
  • hangup: Channel is flagged for hangup and ready to end.

GSM Codes

The following numeric codes are reported:

SMS codes (SMS causes)

1   Unassigned number
8 Operator determined barring
10 Call barred
21 SMS transfer rejected
27 Destination out of service
28 Unidentified subscriber
29 Facility rejected
30 Unknown subscriber
38 Network out of order
41 Temporary failure
42 Congestion
47 Resources unavailable
50 Facility not subscribed
69 Facility not implemented
81 Invalid SMS transfer reference value
95 Invalid message
96 Invalid mandatory information
97 Message type non existent
98 Message not compatible with SMS protection state
99 Information element non existent
111 Protocol error
127 Interworking
128 Telematic interworking not supported
129 SMS type zero not supported
130 Cannot replace SMS
143 Unspecified TPPID error
144 Alphabet not supported
145 Message class not supported
159 Unspecified TPDCS error
160 Command cannot be actioned
161 Command unsupported
175 Unspecified TP command error
176 TPDU not supported
192 SC busy
193 No SC subscription
194 SC system failure
195 Invalid SME address
196 Destination SME barred
197 SM rejected duplicate SM
198 TPVPF not supported
199 TPVP not supported
208 SIM SMS storage full
209 No SMS storage capability in SIM
210 Error in SMS
211 Memory capatity exceeded
213 SIM data download error
255 Unspecified error
300 Phone failure
301 SMS service reserved
302 Operation not allowed
303 Operation not supported
304 Invalid PDU mode parameter
305 Invalid text mode parameter
310 SIM not inserted
311 SIM PIN necessary
312 Phone SIM PIN necessary
313 SIM failure
314 SIM busy
315 SIM wrong
320 Memory failure
321 Invalid memory index
322 Memory full
330 SMSC address unknown
331 No network service
332 Network timeout
500 Unknown error
512 Network busy
513 Invalid destination address
514 Invalid message body length
515 Phone is not in service
516 Invalid preferred memory storage
517 User terminated

Call codes (call causes)

1   Unallocated number
3 No route to destination
6 Channel unacceptable
8 Operator determined barring
16 Normal call clear
17 User busy
18 No user responding
19 No answer from user
21 Call rejected
22 Number changed
26 Non Selected user clear
27 Destination out of order
28 Invalid number format
29 Facility rejected
30 Response status enquiry
31 Normal, unspecified
34 No circuit channel available
38 Network out of order
41 Temporary failure
42 Switch congestion
43 Access information discarded
44 Requested channel unavailable
47 Resource unavailable
49 QoS unavailable
50 Request facility not subscribed
55 Call barred with UG
57 Bearer capability not authorized
58 Bearer capability not available
63 Service not available
65 Bearer capability not implemented
69 Request facility not implemented
70 Only restricted bearer capability available
79 Service not implemented
81 Invalid call reference value
82 User not member of UG
88 Incompatible destination
91 Invalid transit network selected
95 Invalid message
96 Missing mandatory information element
97 Message type not implemented
98 Message incompatible with state
99 Information element not implemented
100 Invalid information element
101 Message incompatible with state (2)
102 Recovery on timer expiry
111 Protocol error
127 Interworking

General codes (mobile causes)

0   Phone failure
1 No connection to phone
2 Phone adaptor link reserved
3 Operation not allowed
4 Operation not supported
5 Phone SIM PIN required
6 Phone FSIM PIN required
7 Phone FSIM PUK required
10 SIM not inserted
11 SIM PIN required
12 SIM PUK required
13 SIM failure
14 SIM busy
15 SIM wrong
16 Incorrect password
17 SIM PIN2 required
18 SIM PUK2 required
20 Memory full
21 Invalid index
22 Not found
23 Memory failure
24 Text string too long
25 Invalid character in text string
26 Dial string too long
27 Invalid character in dial string
30 No network service
31 Network timeout
32 Network not allowed
33 Command aborted
34 Number parameter instead of text parameter
35 Text parameter instead of number parameter
36 Numeric parameter out of bounds
37 Text string too short
40 Network PIN required
41 Network PUK required
42 Network subset PIN required
43 Network subset PUK required
44 Network service provider PIN required
45 Network service provider PUK required
46 Corporate PIN required
47 Corporate PUK required
60 SIM Service option not supported
100 Unknown
103 Illegal MS #3
106 Illegal MS #6
107 GPRS service not allowed #7
111 PLMN not allowed #11
112 Location area not allowed #12
113 Roaming not allowed #13
132 Service option not supported #32
133 Registration service option not subscribed #33
134 Service option temporary out of order #34
147 Long context activation
148 Unspecified GPRS error
149 PDP authentication failure
150 Invalid mobile class
151 GPRS disconnection TMR active
256 Too many active calls
257 Call rejected
258 Unanswered call pending
259 Unknown calling error
260 No phone number recognized
261 Call state not idle
262 Call in progress
263 Dial state error
264 Unlock code required
265 Network busy
266 Invalid phone number
267 Number entry already started
268 Cancelled by user
269 Number entry could not be started
280 Data lost
281 Invalid message body length
282 Inactive socket
283 Socket already open