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Most top-level API resources support bulk fetching via a list or index method. These list endpoints share a common structure to make handling lists, filtering and pagination easier to work with.

All list endpoints will return partial "pages" of results. These results will also contain meta information about how to get the next page of results, or the previous one, or return to the start.

It is highly recommended to use the link values to navigate your list results. This will ensure you properly page through all of resources and your result set is not affected by new resources being created, or paging scheme changing.

An example of the paging information returned for all index routes.

"links": {
"self": "/api/relay/rest/example_url_to_the_current_page",
"first": "/api/relay/rest/example_url_to_the_first_page",
"next": "/api/relay/rest/example_url_to_the_next_page",
"prev": "/api/relay/rest/example_url_to_the_prev_page"
"data" : [
{ ... },
{ ... }