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List Streams by Room Id

Note: The number of concurrent streams is limited to 1 in the Free tier, 3 in the Business tier, and 5 in the Enterprise tier.


The API token must include the following scopes: Video.

Path Parameters
id uuid REQUIRED

Unique id of a video room

Example: fe4093d9-58c2-4931-b4b9-5679f82652c6


data object[] OPTIONAL
id uuid OPTIONAL

A unique identifier for the stream

url string OPTIONAL

RTMP or RTMPS url. This must be the address of a server accepting incoming RTMP/RTMPS streams.

stream_type string OPTIONAL

The type of stream.

width integer OPTIONAL

The stream's width.

height integer OPTIONAL

The stream's height.

fps integer OPTIONAL

The stream's fps

created_at date-time OPTIONAL
updated_at date-time OPTIONAL