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List Room Sessions

A list of past and in-progress Room Sessions.

Path Parameters
id uuid REQUIRED

Unique ID of the room

name string REQUIRED

Unique name of the room

Query Parameters
status string

Return Sessions currently in this state. Possible values are: completed and in-progress.

Example: completed


links object
self string
first string
next string
prev string
data object[]
id uuid

Unique ID of the session

room_id uuid

Unique ID of the Room if the Session was created from a Room and was not an auto-created Session.

name string

The named identifier of room session.

display_name string

Display name of room, no character limitations. Maxium of 200 characters. Defaults to the value of name.

join_from date-time

Room Session does not accept new Members before this time.

join_until date-time

Room Session stops accepting new Members at this time.

remove_at date-time

Remove Members from the Room Session at this time.

remove_after_seconds_elapsed int32

Remove Members after they are in the Room Session for N seconds.

layout string

The Room Session's initial layout. Defaults to grid-responsive. See documentation for a full list of supported layouts.

max_members integer

The maximum number of members allowed in the room at a time.

fps integer

The Room Session's frames per second. Possible values are 20 or 30.

quality string

The Room Session's resolution. Possible values are 720p or 1080p.

start_time date-time
end_time date-time
duration integer

How long, in seconds, the Room Session lasted.

status string
record_on_start boolean

Whether a recording was automatically started when this Room Session began.

enable_room_previews boolean

Whether a video with a preview of the content of the room is to be generated.

preview_url string

If room previews are enabled and the room session is in progress, this is the URL of the preview video.