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List Logs

List the available logs.


The API token must include the following scopes: Fax.

Query Parameters
include_deleted boolean

Include logs for deleted activity.

created_before string

Return logs for activity prior to this date.

Example: 2022-04-30
created_on string

Return logs for activity on this date.

Example: 2022-04-30
created_after string

Return logs for activity after this date.

Example: 2022-04-30
page_size integer

Specify the number of results to return on a single page. The default page size is 50 and the maximum is 1000.

Example: 20


links object OPTIONAL
self string OPTIONAL
first string OPTIONAL
next string OPTIONAL
prev string OPTIONAL
data object[] OPTIONAL
id uuid OPTIONAL

A unique identifier for the log

from string OPTIONAL

The origin phone number in E.164 format.

to string OPTIONAL

The destination phone number in E.164 format.

status string OPTIONAL

The status of this fax call.

direction string OPTIONAL

The direction of this fax call.

source string OPTIONAL

Source of this log entry.

type string OPTIONAL

Type of this log entry.

url string OPTIONAL

URL for the resource associated with this log entry (if available)

remote_station string OPTIONAL
charge number OPTIONAL
number_of_pages integer OPTIONAL
quality string OPTIONAL
charge_details object[] OPTIONAL

Details on charges associated with this log.

description string OPTIONAL

Description for this charge.

charge number OPTIONAL

Charged amount.

created_at date-time OPTIONAL
updated_at date-time OPTIONAL
error_code string OPTIONAL

Error code for this resource (if available).

error_message string OPTIONAL

The description of this error (if available).