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Generate a new Video Room Token

Generate a Room Token allowing a client to join a Room.

Request Body REQUIRED
room_name string REQUIRED

Room's unique named identifier. Allowed characters: A-Za-z0-9_-. Up to 100 characters. The room does not have to exist when the token is created, but must exist prior to joining, or ensure auto_create_room is set to true.

user_name string

A display name to use for the user. Up to 100 characters. (If not supplied, a random alphanumeric string will be returned for each authorization with this token.)

permissions string[]

A list of permissions, which define what user can do once they join the room.

join_from date-time

The user can't join the room before this time.

join_until date-time

The user can't join the room after this time.

remove_at date-time

Remove user from the room at this time.

remove_after_seconds_elapsed integer

Remove user after they are in the room for N seconds.

join_audio_muted boolean

Whether the user joins the room with their audio muted.

join_video_muted boolean

Whether the user joins the room with their video muted.

auto_create_room boolean

By default, if the user tries to use this token to join a room that doesn't exist, it will be created with default configuration. Set this to false to require the room to exist beforehand.

enable_room_previews boolean

Whether to generate a video with a preview of the content of the room. This parameter has effect only if this token auto-creates the room, thus it will be ignored if the room already exists.

room_display_name string

Display name used if a room is auto-created when the token joins. Maximum of 200 characters. Defaults to the value of room_name.

end_room_session_on_leave boolean

Whether to end the room session when the member using this token leaves the room.



token string

A Room Token to be used by clients to connect to the Room.


Unprocessable Entity. You may have specified invalid parameters.

errors object[]

A list of errors

type string
code string
message string
attribute string
url string