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Find a Log by ID


The API token must include the following scopes: Messaging.

Path Parameters
id uuid REQUIRED

Unique ID of the log



id uuid OPTIONAL

A unique identifier for the log

from string OPTIONAL

The origin phone number.

to string OPTIONAL

The destination phone number.

status string OPTIONAL

The status of the message.

direction string OPTIONAL

The direction of the message.

kind string OPTIONAL

The kind of message.

source string OPTIONAL

Source of this log entry.

type string OPTIONAL

Type of this log entry.

url string OPTIONAL

URL for the resource associated with this log entry (if available)

number_of_segments integer OPTIONAL

The number of segments.

charge number OPTIONAL

The charge in dollars.

charge_details object[] OPTIONAL

Details on charges associated with this log.

description string OPTIONAL

Description for this charge.

charge number OPTIONAL

Charged amount.

created_at date-time OPTIONAL