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Releasing Numbers


Once a number has been released, it cannot be undone.

If you no longer want a phone number, you can release it from your account on your SignalWire Dashboard. Releasing a phone number will remove it from your account and you will no longer be billed for it. Its existing logs will still be available, but any new calls and messages will no longer work. Once you release the number, it will no longer appear in your list of purchased phone numbers.

Please follow the steps below to release a phone number from your SignalWire Account.

  1. Sign in to your SignalWire Space
  2. Click Phone Numbers on the left side of the page
  3. Click the number you would like to release
  4. Click Release Number
  5. Re-enter the number you would like to release
  6. Click Release Number

The North American Numbering Plan comprises a finite pool of number groups divided among North American regions. Preventing the abuse and over-churn of the numbering plan is an important aspect of providing the highest quality services and security across the telecommunications industry. To combat possible fraud or abuse, a waiting period has been implemented at the carrier level to prevent number inventory depletion toward fraudulent campaigns.

Therefore, there is a 14-day waiting period for accounts in paid status, or 30-days for accounts in trial status, before recently purchased numbers may be released. Please contact SignalWire Support through your SignalWire Dashboard if you need assistance with releasing phone numbers.