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Porting Into SignalWire

After becoming more familiar with our services, you may decide to port over your existing phone numbers to the SignalWire service. You can port any number, wireless or business landline, to SignalWire.


If requesting E911 capabilities for numbers, please reach out to SignalWire prior to submitting the order or in the port order itself.

How to Submit a Porting Request

You can submit a port request from your SignalWire dashboard. Click on Phone Numbers > Port Requests. Double-check before you submit that you are in the correct project - whatever project you submit the port request from is the project the number will be placed into.

Below are the required fields for a successful port-in process:

  • Number List
  • Current Provider Name
  • Current Provider Account Number
  • Account Type (Business / Residential)
  • Company Name
  • Authorized Name
  • Billing Phone Number
  • Phone Service Address
  • PIN

Porting Process

Port-in of your phone number(s) is handled accordingly:

  • Your port-in order is submitted to the losing provider who must acknowledge the order if your submitted information is valid. If the information you provided is determined to be invalid for any reason, the losing carrier may reject the order.

  • If your port-in order is rejected, you will be notified accordingly. Your port-in order status will be set to rejected during this period and will not change status until you respond with the correct information.

  • When your order is accepted, the losing carrier will let us know when to expect the port to complete (FOC, or Firm Order Commitment), and the order status will be set to Scheduled.

  • SignalWire will communicate the completion (FOC) date. This is the date/time at which the number will become active in your SignalWire account.

  • When a FOC date is confirmed, the numbers are added to your account early. Please use this time to set up your number settings and webhooks. Failure to configure your number to a webhook will result in your number not working correctly.

  • SignalWire will communicate the completion (FOC) date and confirmation that the numbers have been added to your account. This is the date/time at which the number will become active in your SignalWire account.

Customer Service Record (CSR) and Letter of Agency (LOA)

SignalWire may need to include Customer Service Record (CSR) documentation and ask you to electronically sign a Letter Of Agency (LOA) for the port to begin processing. LOAs are sometimes required for certain Long Code numbers. An LOA will always be required for Toll-Free numbers.

What could cause delays?

Any of the following issues could lead to delays in the porting process. Please pay attention to your case in case we need any information corrected to finish your porting request.

  • invalid fields such as service address, billing address, and name
  • missing PINs
  • creating several orders with conflicting information
  • attempting to port inactive numbers
Porting Orders Estimated Completion

On average, it may take up to 7 business days for small port orders to be complete without delays. Larger port orders will take more time to complete. Toll-Free numbers, Canadian numbers, and offnet numbers can take up to two weeks.

Once you complete a form and submit it, you will receive an email with a case number. If your port request is rejected, you will receive a follow-up via email. If no response is received within a week, the port order will be canceled, and the case will be closed.