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Provider NetSIP (Australia)

Last Update: 7 June 2010

Dialing formats are E.164 and 0NSN, Caller ID can be presented (E.164 format) and screened as needed by the user.

Netsip supports:

  • SIP trunking.
  • Private tails.
  • Local number portability.
  • 1300 number hosting.
  • CallerID Presentation.
  • Fax to email on any indial number.

Incoming and outgoing calls work. In conf/sip_profiles/outbound/ create a netsip.xml file with the following contents:

<gateway name="netsip">
<param name="username" value="****SIP_Account_ID****"/>
<param name="password" value="****SIP_Account_Password****"/>
<param name="from-user" value="****SIP_Account_ID****"/>
<param name="extension-in-contact" value="****SIP_Account_ID****"/>
<param name="from-domain" value=""/>
<param name="realm" value=""/>
<param name="proxy" value=""/>
<param name="register" value="true"/>


The realm and proxy should be "" Posted by jaybinks at Jul 17, 2017 00:33