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Provider CallWithUs (USA)

Last update 8 November 2009

<gateway name="callwithus-outbound">
<param name="username" value="USERNAME"/>
<param name="password" value="PASSWORD"/>
<param name="realm" value="callwithus"/>
<param name="proxy" value=""/>
<param name="register" value="true"/>

You may check the "Voip Accounts" section of the account management portal on the above website to ensure the success of SIP or IAX registration. Verify that in the appropriate column text such as "FreeSWITCH-mod_sofia/1.0.4-exported on sip" is displayed. If you see "Not registered" revisit your configuration. If port 5060 was blocked by your ISP and you have specified an alternate port in the FreeSWITCH configuration, selecting the "edit" button on the account you are connecting with from this screen will allow you to specify the alternate port.

To guard against dialplan accidents resulting in costly misdirected calls, you may select a maximum per minute call rate from the "User Settings" section of the website.

See FreeSWITCH documentation for instructions on how to make use of this newly configured gateway.