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Multipoint MultiVoip Media Gateway

This is a dual PRI to SIP gateway intended to be used to provide a SIP gateway to a legacy PBX with PRI. I have tested it as a SIP to PRI gateway between FreeSWITCH and a CopperCom CSX, and Lucent 5ESS switch. While the web UI has some of the labels turned about when used in this configuration it functions fine and passes calls in and out properly. DNIS, CallerID, and RDNIS are passed from PRI to SIP properly.

Patton M-ATA-1 Micro Analog Telephone Adapter

Works fine. Brief documentation, but functional. Patton 4552 with 2 x ISDN BRI interfaces (one T and one S) works very well with FreeSWITCH. Tested with factory and latest (5.3) SIP firmware.

Patton SmartNode 4524 FXS/FXO Gateway

Fax sending from FXS port, over T.38 to FreeSWITCH (mod_spandsp - rxfax); Following firmware versions tested:

R4.2 2008-09-11: Failed - result (48) Disconnected after permitted retries

R5.2 2009-05-11: Passed

R5.3 2009-11-17: Passed

R5.4 2010-05-14: Passed

R5.5 2010-05-18: Passed

Quintum DX

Works fine. SIP only. H323 has packet size issues (strange!). (72 bytes packet size on G729 20ms, 252 bytes packet size on G711 20ms).

Goip GSM Gateway (or MadCom, Hybertone, Etross)

Works fine, as a SIP gateway. See Goip HowTo for more detailed setup instructions.