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AudioCodes Gateways


AudioCodes gateways information.

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Audiocodes has a few lines of equipment:

  • FXS/FXO gateways (MP series).
  • PRI gateways (Mediant series).
  • IP phones (currently two models: HD310, HD320).

FXS/FXO gateways

  • AudioCodes MediaPack MP114 FXS SIP
  • AudioCodes MediaPack MP118 FXS SIP
  • AudioCodes MediaPack MP118 8-FXO SIP

We had to add the IP of the FreeSWITCH sip server as the "Gateway Registration Name" and "Gateway Name" inside of the MediaPack. Default internal SIP profile without "suppress-cng" ="true", will cause terrible background noise heard on the internal SIP phones, when working with MP118 FXO

  • AudioCodes MediaPack MP118 4-FXS/4-FXO SIP Mixed Configuration. Inbound routing with CallerID, outbound routing and internal extensions work. with:sip_profiles/internal.xml: <param name="suppress-cng" value="false"/>

PRI gateways

The Mediant series is intended for PRI to SIP/H.323 gateways. It has a few modular and non-modular configurations, ranging from 1 E1/T1 to 16xE1/T1.

I had it for loan for a week - it looks OK, but I didn't have the chance to fully evaluate it in production.