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Fax on AudioCodes Mediant


This page shows how to handle Fax on AudioCodes Mediant Gateway

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Fax on Audiocodes Mediant PRI gateway

Fax on this gateway is slightly tricky: Do not enable fax at all on this gateway, but when FreeSwitch will ask it to use T.38 it will do that happily. On the other hand, if you configure it to allow T.38 then Freeswitch won't ask it to enter this mode...

Hence, in the mediant:

  • Under Voip->Media->fax set Fax to disable.
  • Under VoIP->Sip->General parameters set fax signalling to No Fax.
  • Under VoIP->Coders->Coders do not enable T.38
  • Under VoIP->Coders->IP/PSTN profiles: Set fax mode to No Fax.