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Sipura STUN

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  • Go to web interface (get ip from phone if necessary ****110#)
  • Click Admin Login
  • Click Advanced

SIP settings

  • Click SIP tab
  • Stun Enable: True
  • STUN Server: or use one from If you dont add the port it won't work!
  • Handle VIA received: yes
  • Handle VIA rport: yes
  • Insert VIA received: yes
  • Insert VIA rport: yes
  • Substitute VIA address: yes

Line X settings

  • Nat Mapping Enable: True without this, you will see the error RECOVERY_ON_TIMER_EXPIRE, since none of the STUN settings have kicked in!


Viewing Sipura STUN status

  • In sipura config, under SIP settings, set Stun Test Enable to True
  • On Freeswitch console, set EXPORT TPORT_LOG=9 and restart

Now the SIP Register messages will contain things like:

  • Warning: 399 spa "STUN Server Not Responding"
  • Warning: 399 spa "Full Cone NAT Detected"


Long Hostnames get cut off

If you have a very long hostname, like, and you try to register your sipura against this host, it will cut off the realm field it sends in the authorization field and by the time freeswitch sees it, it will look like this-is-my-website-i-built-for-me-and, and it wont match the directory domain and the registration will fail.