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[Miscellaneous] Video-recording


Media bug

The video-media-bug branch in tree implemented a simple video media bug, for video eavesdrop and recording. You need to manually build this branch before it can be merged into the master tree.

git checkout video-media-bug
./ && ./configure && make install

Record a single legged call

Mod_fsv implemented a record_fsv application, which can record into a .fsv (FreeSWITCH VIDEO) file format.

<action application="record_fsv" data="/tmp/testrecord.fsv"/>

record_fsv will also "echo" the video and audio back.

Another method is to use the standard "record" application, added recently. The difference is that it doesn't echo anything back, and has to disable write buffering.

<action application="set" data="enable_file_write_buffering=false"/>
<action application="record" data="/tmp/testrecord.fsv"/>

With Mod_mp4v2 you can also record into mp4:

<action application="record_mp4" data="/tmp/testrecord.mp4"/>


<action application="set" data="enable_file_write_buffering=false"/>
<action application="record" data="/tmp/testrecord.mp4"/>

Record a bridged call

 uuid_setvar <uuid> enable_file_write_buffering false

uuid_record <uuid> start /tmp/testrecord.fsv
uuid_record <uuid> start /tmp/testrecord.mp4

record_session should also works, but not been tested. Always disable file writing buffer before recording.

Record a conference

If record into a video file, it record all active members voice and one member's video - who has the floor.

conference 3000 record /tmp/testrecord.fsv
conference 3000 record /tmp/testrecord.mp4

Video eavesdrop

Yes, eavesdrop works with video, and, unlike audio, it cannot be "mixed", so you only see a single leg's video while you hear both.

 originate user/1000 &eavesdrop(someuuid)


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