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Error Codes

The API defines error codes to convey information about the possible issues. They are either generic or specific to an interaction mode (voice or messaging).

10000GenericSubprojects are not available as part of your currently selected subscription plan
10002GenericTrial account does not support this feature
11200GenericHTTP Retrieval Failure
11750GenericThe response body to SignalWire's request is larger than 64 kB.
11751GenericMMS -> Media exceeds mobile operator size limit
12100GenericDocument Parse Failure
12300GenericInvalid Content-Type
13221GenericDial -> Number: Invalid Method Value
15002GenericCall Progress: Queue Timeout
21210Generic'From' phone number not verified
21212GenericPhone number value is not in the correct format. Please use E.164 format, i.e. +15558675309
21217GenericA call or SMS is placed to a destination which does not represent a valid phone number
21219Generic'To' phone number not verified
21601GenericPhone number is not a valid SMS-capable inbound phone number
21602GenericMessage body is required
21603GenericThe source 'From' phone number is required to send an SMS
21604GenericThe destination 'To' phone number is required to send an SMS
21610GenericAttempt to send to unsubscribed recipient
21611GenericThis 'From' number has exceeded the maximum number of queued messages
21617GenericThe concatenated message body exceeds the 1600 character limit
21620GenericInvalid media URL(s)
21623GenericNumber of media files exceeds allowed limit
21717MessagingNumber must be assigned to a Campaign to send US traffic
30002MessagingAccount suspended
30003MessagingUnreachable destination handset
30004MessagingMessage blocked or opted out
30005MessagingUnknown destination handset
30006GenericLandline or unreachable carrier
30007MessagingMessage marked as spam
30008MessagingUnknown error
30010GenericMessage price exceeds max price
30022MessagingCampaign Registry Throughput Limit Exceeded
53603MessagingInternal failure while processing media